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AMS2106 Gas Mass Flowmeter
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Technical parameter

Supply voltage
DC : 6 - 15V
Measuring range 0~+200L/min
Operating temperature -10~+55℃
Repeatability 0.5%
Standard calibration gas
Air (20℃, 101.325kPa)
output method RS485

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1. Product overview 

AMS2106 is an intelligent digital gas mass flow meter based on semiconductor technology. It has a MEMS flow sensor chip independently developed by Aosong. It uses thermal mass flow measurement without temperature and pressure compensation, ensuring the high-precision calculation of the flowmeter and high sensitivity., Can keenly sense the very small starting flow, and start to calculate.It has the characteristics of full range, high stability, high accuracy and excellent repeatability, supports the measurement of multiple gases, allows customers to perform on-site calibration of some special gases, has fast response speed, flexible output mode, and has an over-range alarm indicator function, Battery power supply and external power supply mode can be switched at will, portable design, NPT connection mode, easy to install and use, and interface can be customized according to customer needs.

2.the scope of application

It can be used to monitor air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, dry, clean and non-corrosive gases. It is widely used in industries such as electromechanical, food, tobacco, chemical, glass, medical, agriculture, forestry and fishery, analytical instruments, scientific research institutions, etc.Industrial gas monitoring, medical oxygen monitoring, nitrogen filling of food packaging, mask machine gas monitoring, laboratory gas flow ratio, etc.

3.technical characteristics

▪ Flexible use

▪ Cumulative flow measurement

▪ Mixed gas detection

▪ High sensitivity

▪ Flexible output method

▪ High stability in full range

▪ Portable design

▪ Battery power supply and external power supply mode can be switched at will

4.product customization

Customized development can be carried out according to customer requirements, please consult customer service staff for details.

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