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ACM2000 Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Technical Parameter

Operating Temperature 
Working Humidity
Work Pressure
Measuring Range 
Upper Limit Of Measurement 
Sensitivity >15nA/ppm

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1. Product Overview

ACM2000 is a fuel cell type carbon monoxide electrochemical sensor newly launched by Aosong Electronics. The concentration of carbon monoxide can be determined by measuring the redox current between electrodes. The ACM2000 carbon monoxide sensor has the characteristics of fast response and long service life. ACM2000 can directly replace other 4-series two-electrode carbon monoxide sensors, providing customers with high-quality and low-cost carbon monoxide detection solutions.


2. Application

ACM2000 carbon monoxide sensor can be used as a gas-sensitive component in a carbon monoxide analyzer. It can operate in various environments and harsh conditions. It is widely used in commercial, civil and industrial fields, such as carbon monoxide alarms, gas alarms, and fire alarms. Intelligent security type Gas water heaters, air quality testing instruments, air quality monitoring in underground parking lots, household and commercial air purification equipment, air quality testing in vehicles, and fresh air systems for in-vehicle purification equipment, mine environment monitoring and other fields.

3. Product Characteristics
●Long service life
●Stable signal output
●Quick response
●Low power consumption